If you are interested in participating in the Berlin program, go to the Summer Study Abroad webpage and click on “Apply” and follow the directions on the site.

The deadline for applications are January 31st, 2021, however spaces are limited, so it is good to apply early. In order to be accepted into the program, be sure to answer all the questions and sign the appropriate documents. Upon acceptance, you will be required to pay the $75 application fee and the $500 deposit to secure your spot.

If you do not have a passport already, I recommend that you get one right away.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: You can use your financial aid package (as long as you take at least 6 credit hours), but you can also apply for additional funding through several scholarships. Learn more about scholarships for which you might qualify. There may be additional ones depending on your major, military or minority status. Be sure to talk to your advisor to maximize your aid. If you have completed at least 24 credit hours, you should definitely apply to the Thomas W. Rivers Foreign Exchange Endowment Fund, which is awarded to a very high number of applicants. The German program also offers additional scholarship support to German minors and majors, so be sure to put in your application if you are pursuing a German degree. To find out whether you qualify and what your options are, please contact:

Mrs. Sherrel Harris

Office of Student Financial Aid
2103 Old Cafeteria Complex
Phone: 252-328-6610 or 252-737-6610