Student Testimonials

Hello aspiring abroad adventures!

Abagail Crouson (’16)

“Traveling to Germany has been a dream trip of mine for years. It is one of those dreams I thought I would not fulfill until I was going through a midlife crisis. After being explained all the opportunities and experiences included in the cost of this trip I started to think of this trip as a possibility. Next thing I know I am looking at flights to Berlin and then I blink and I am on the plane. Excitement first overwhelmed me when I started hearing German on the last, long flight to Germany. If you do not know any German DO NOT WORRY! Just always keep trying because the locals defiantly just seem to appreciate the effort, and Professor Jones is always there.

So, let’s talk about the important stuff… FOOD! So much delicious food. I tried everything even if I couldn’t pronounce it on the menu. Germany has so many delicacies and I embraced that every moment I could. I sure do miss the delicious White Asparagus and the Bakeries of EVERY corner! I especially miss the home cooked meals my host would cook every now and then.

Coming to Berlin I had no expectation of my host family. Everyone is different and I thought regardless I will have an interesting experience. I became very attached to my host family and really grew to love them as my own family. I am still in contact with them today, sending emails, and making plans to meet up in the future. The first day they took me to a bakery and treated me to a German breakfast. (Which if you have never experienced this before I would suggest going on this trip just for that!) The next day they showed me around the area and helped me find my way to Inlingua.

Forget everything you know about school and give yourself a clean slate. Inlingua is a school with some of the most helpful teachers you will ever meet. If you have never touched German (or even another language) I promise you that this will be the most helpful, comfortable experience you will ever have at learning a language. Inlingua teaches at multiple angles never leaving out a learning style so that everyone has an opportunity to learn. If you took advantage of the other learning opportunity this trip to Berlin offers, then you have signed yourself up for a personal developing, eye-inspiring, life changing class also known as the Holocaust Remembrance course.

I cannot begin to describe in words how this class influenced my life. You will cry, you will be uncomfortable, you will feel your heart break, and you will change your perspective of life. This class is not a normal class. Dr. Jones teaches this course in a way where you are not reading and then being tested on the info, you are reading and then testing yourself and challenging your thoughts through discussion, and expression of feelings. Ever check the clock to see when the class is almost over? You won’t do that here because you are not just in a classroom you are walking along the broken pieces of the Berlin wall, you are biking across the streets of history, you are flipping through the exhibits of museums and you will get lost in the heart of Berlin. Dr. Jones’ adventure will put you in a position where you will lose track of time.

If you do not know Dr. Jones here is what I can tell you. Dr. Jones opens your eyes to appreciating Germany, and Berlin, but most importantly yourself. She asks you about you and will truly admire you as a student and a person. She’ll tell you just about anything you want to know, so if you get the incredible opportunity to study abroad a summer in Berlin, take the opportunity to sit with her and appreciate her stories because her life and personality are incredible. She truly gives you everything you could get out of this trip between the many excursions, museums, music and theatre opportunities, whatever it is you are interested in, she will give you the opening to experience Berlin in your own way. This trip would simply not have been the same without her.

In conclusion to this testimony of my dream trip and of this incredible experience I will say this: Sign up to push your comfort zone, expand your language and thoughts, extend your emotions and knowledge of the past and accept Berlin into your heart and a part of who you are .
I simply would not be the same without this memory of my home in Berlin.”

Bennett A. Yeargan (’15)

“Berlin trip is a chance to immerse yourself in the culture in a way that no other experience would offer. Students learn how to speak and live like a German in a way they would never get unless they studied abroad. The new and exciting experiences you gain while on this trip are ones that can last you a lifetime, and open you up to whole new perspective on our huge world. ”

Brent Williamson (’16)

“My time studying abroad in Berlin was quite the adventure. I loved every minute of it! Immersing myself in the culture and language really helped, I could learn something new at the language school and then put it to use once I left. Even better, both the language classes and the history class were fun and engaging and with the excursions for the history class, it really allowed me to gain a better understanding of what we had been discussing within the course. I really do think everyone should study abroad, it is an unforgettable experience. ”

Eli Cole (’16)

“This trip not only helped me learn the German language, I was also exposed to food, art, and culture I would’ve never seen otherwise. Everyone learns the same things in class, but what you do with your free time can make or break your visit! Take time to explore the city on your own, this is the best way to discover Berlin life.”

Patrick Cole (’16)
“I loved my time in Germany and would go back in a heartbeat. The Study Abroad trip was amazing and allowed me to explore a new country and culture. I made some new friends on the trip who I still talk to and hang out with long after. My host was very nice and inviting though kept to himself, which I didn’t mind. The excursions where great! You get to go to different cities outside of Berlin and see the different lifestyles, while also going through some of the world’s most famous museums Berlin has to offer. My favorite was the Jewish Museum – it was a great blend of immersion and learning. The classes are fabulous! The teachers are very engaging and always eager to help. When you’re not in school or on an excursion, Berlin offers so many opportunities to have fun, from great shopping places to just taking a train to a stop and walking around a new area. The food there is always amazing and something I still crave. I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to learn and be immersed in a new culture. ”

Alexandra Fee (’16)
“I had a great time in Berlin this past summer! We were able to see so much of Berlin and Germany in one short month. If you have anything that you would like to do, Dr. Jones is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about finding something that you’re interested in. She helped organize our group to go kayaking down a river in Germany, see musicals and operas, and tour different areas all over Berlin.” The language school, Inlingua, also is very accommodating to anything you might want to do. Inlingua has their own set of scheduled tours and events but they are willing to give recommendations on things to do all over Germany.”

Tyler Whisnant (’15)

“I was very nervous at first about the trip abroad. Prior to it, I had not been outside the country or taken any German prior whatsoever! I couldn’t communicate with my host mother at all when I first got there. She couldn’t speak English and at the time I couldn’t speak any German, yet we became really close and still stay in touch. Going to Germany was an experience of a lifetime! It broadened my view of the world as a whole. By the end I had helped teach my host family some English as they had helped teach me some German, on top of the six credit hours I was already taking. I was very upset when I had to leave, since I felt like I was just adapting to the different culture. I cannot wait till I am able to go back again!”

Danny Franch (’15)

“The month I spent in Berlin during the 2015 Berlin Study Abroad Trip was exhilarating. Living with a host family enriched my understanding of East Berlin and modern Berlin’s culture. The teachers, staff, and tour guide at the inlingua Sprachschule – Mitte in Berlin were skilled, friendly, and resourceful. If possible, I would have stayed in Berlin for the rest of the summer because my experience there was so positive.”